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Fliger (The Linux Spotlight)

What is Fliger?

Fliger is an Open Source Electron Based App mainly focused as a productivity booster for Linux Based Operating Systems. The Spotlight Feature on macOS made me yearn and look for open-source alternatives on Linux. But, I found only two of them - Albert Launcher and CerebroApp. This made me create Fliger.


Fliger means Flying, It's so fast, even faster than Spotlight, resolves queries in real-time as soon as you type letters in the box. Fliger is where -

  • Suggestions are Previewed 
  • Apps are Listed 
  • Math is Calculated
  • Units are Converted
  • Files are Suggested
  • Images are Displayed
  • And, Videos Auto-Play

All in a jiffy, within the blink of an eye, at the press of a letter.

Challenges During this Project

  • The Results panel and the Text Field are different dialogs. Real-Time communication between both of these windows is really essential for further app logic. To implement this real-time messaging between both windows, I used ElectronJS' ipcRenderer API (which is a part of the Electron Inter Process Communication API)
  • Searching for Apps required populating an Application List. Gathering List of All applications from /bin simply doesn't help. Instead for all installed apps, I scanned all the .desktop files present in /usr/share/applications, parsed the configuration file and added relevant information to the app's database
  • For Real Fast indexing, using databases engines like MySQL, MongoDB, etc. does not help. Instead, I used the FlexSearch JavaScript Library to achieve the best results

Fliger in Action






Code Sample

View the Full Code at