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About Me

👋 Hi There!

I'm Atheesh Thirumalairajan From creating open source apps to creating networks, I've always b...

Personal Achievements (Self-Hosting and Managing My Internal Network)

What does my Internal Network Have?

The Auto Backup Service

🤦Whoops!, I just lost all my data... Just Kidding! Data Backups are really really essential. For...

Self-Hosting NextCloud

Google Drive is a Big No! Despite Google Drive being one of the world's most widely used cloud s...

The Project Tracker, Self-Hosting OpenProject

Reminders Wont Help... Simple apps to schedule Tasks won't help much in tracking the exact pace ...

OpenLDAP as an Authentication Provider for All Hosted Websites

A Loooong Password Table... Username Password atheesh atheesh123 rocking.turtl...

Using dnsmasq and Pi-Hole for DNS Services in the Network

All Screenshots are © of their respective owners. Visit The Web Design Museum for More Screenshot...

VPN Services - OpenVPN, OpenConnect on Ubuntu Server, OpenWRT


Active Directory Services (Hosting SAMBA on Linux Server)

I've always wanted to do magic. On clicking a button, all computers should display the same wallp...

Monitoring all Internal Servers Real-Time, Self-Hosting Grafana, Prometheus and Node-Exporter

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Self-Hosting Bookstack, You're Reading from this Deployment

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Recording and Live Viewing all CCTVs using Shinobi

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My Docker Infrastructure

Portainer Web Interface During the Initial Days of the setup when I was in Grade 9, I tended to ...

The Family Media Center, Self-Hosting Jellyfin

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Torrent Management (qBittorrent-nox, Jackett, Flaresolvrr and Tor)

add link and screenshot Accessing Downloaded Torrents Central Download...

Central Downloads Repository, Self-Hosting DirectoryLister

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Internal Email, CalDAV and CardDAV Server (Self-Hosting Mailcow)

Self-Hosting OnlyOffice, WOPI Integration with NextCloud

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Internal Password Manager, Self-Hosting Vaultwarden

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Viewing the Real-Time Status of all Internal Websites


An Internal Wordpress Blog (Guides, Documentation on Internal Network)


Instant File Sharing, Self-Hosting Snapdrop


Internal Network Time Protocol Servers

CCTV Time syncing here

Instant Messaging using Rocket.Chat

Personal Acheivements (Open Source Apps)

This section of my profile consists of information about all Open Source Software to which I have...

Personal Acheivements (Apps for My School and Organizations)